Class Rules

  •  Everyone must bow entering and/or leaving the classroom. The “bow” is an oriental “handshake”or “greetings”
  •  Class lined up by rank seniority & age
  •  Only Black Belts are allowed to instruct and correct other students
  •  Address the Instructors and adults by their last name and their proper title
  •  Participate with enthusiasm, positive thinking and personal victory mind set
  •  Strive in excellence, today better than yesterday, tomorrow better than today
  •  Pay careful attention and raise hand if directives are not understood
  •  Maintain A/B in grades and practice at home at least one hour per week
  •  Always show respect, answer Yes/No Sir or Ma’am to all instructors & adults
  •  Stand respectfully at attention when speaking with instructors or black belts .
  •  Turn away from the instructor when adjusting your uniform or belt
  •  Recite ‘SongAhm Spirit of Taekwondo’ pledge in attention, in uniform or not.
  •  If unavoidably tardy, bow and wait for instructor permission to join class
  •  Personal appearance and cleanliness of person and uniform are imperative
  •  Hair should be pulled back without any headbands or sweatbands
  •  Wear a white T-shirt under a uniform
  •  No jewelry is allowed, with the exception of a wedding ring
  •  No profanity in the school premises, or any ATA function, class, or activity
  •  Parents, students, and guests will not converse with any person in the class
  •  Permission is required before visiting other ATA or other martial art schools

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